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TRUTHtalks, an initiative of Satya Vigyan Foundation and Mr Vallabh Bhanshali, co-founder of ENAM Securities, aims to raise awareness on, help secure and sustain the application of Truth as the most commonsensical and beneficial tool for ourselves.


Truth is a necessary quality for one to have sustained peace of mind, trust and respect of others, a drive for excellence and premium pricing. It actually is the monopoly source of these wonderful objectives.

Truth is not complicated. It simply means what we know to be the Truth. Getting distracted by legal loopholes, clever advertising, popular trends, or plain stupidity is not only unnecessary but very costly in the long term.  


By creating an environment where luminaries from various fields share their experiments and struggles with their Truths and by thus arriving at the set of tools they used to forge ahead on this path.

If one is not on the path of Truth or if one wavers from it, one needs to practice examining one’s fears and doubts. We are designing an App to help with this process.

The practice of Truth does not mean lecturing or expecting others to follow the Truth but benefitting from it ourselves. It is not about weakness or surrender or about wearing it on our sleeves. It is only about being aware of our Truth and navigating our life accordingly in a confident and sensitive manner.