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What is

Truth means ‘what is’, the reality that alone can succeed, the gravity to which all must return

Mundak Upanishad.

Yet, we so often resort to falsehood for short-term gains losing much of our peace, reputation and capability in the bargain.”
Why have we moved away from the path of Truth?
Is it because Truth has got redefined by law, legal affirmations, sectarian beliefs, marketing, etc?

TRUTHtalks, an initiative of Satya Vigyan Foundation and Vallabh Bhanshali, co-founder ENAM Group, Desh Apnayen and FLAME University, seeks to explore this question with those who have experimented a lot with Truth. To better understand Truth as the most powerful phenomenon in Nature, more than just a moral value or a legal obligation. And to mainstream the discussion and practice of Truth. Even with just a little more alignment to Truth, to what is, society will enjoy greater peace and productivity.

Truth Talks will invite people from various fields of human endeavor who are respected in the community for their efforts to lead a successful life of integrity. These are people who have experienced and experimented with Truth.

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